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Customers come to us to buy furniture...We refer them to you...You make the profits and gain our customers! Simple as that!

Reality Check



First, before we explain Why Us, chomp on this!

“Last year, 52% of online furniture shoppers — through shopping networks of furniture stores — used a mobile device to shop product. That percentage has grown significantly over the past five years. In 2010, only 5% of consumers used a smartphone to shop for furniture online.”
~ Dana French - Furniture Today

So let's get real here! Where will you be in 5 years? Even worse, did you know that furniture customers go into your store, use their phone to photograph the SKU or Brand of your furniture, and then go back to their car and order the same product cheaper online? And get free shipping too? Customers use your store as a showroom so that they can make online purchases with confidence.

We give your offline Bricks and Mortar the power of our online hypermedia! Let us spend the millions of dollars in technology and advertising required to compete with the online champs such as Wayfair, Hayneedle, Overstock, Sears and Costco. Doing nothing is not an option for you and retirement is simply boring!

“The furniture and home decor e-retailer says new customer gains and more repeat buyers propelled the big sales gain. Wayfair Inc.’s more than 4 million active customers in the second quarter placed nearly 2 million online orders, pushing the furniture and home décor retailer’s Q2 web sales up nearly 81% to $440.3 million versus $243.5 million a year earlier.”
~ Allison Enright - Editor

Become Hybrid

Don't Wait

Until It's Too Late!

These days if you do not embrace technology, your competition will simply steal your business right out from underneath you. Each and every year, the online marketplaces gobbles up larger percentages of the business that used to belong to the Bricks and Mortar furniture stores. Yet each year your costs go up and up and up! Vendors want you to buy more inventory and we all know that real estate and labor is not getting cheaper!

Times Are

Changing Even More!

Costs going up and profits going down is a recipe for disaster! Join our machine and take back your market share today! Stop wasting money on things that don’t work and join our network! We are the only network that only charges you for customers versus unmeasurable, non effective advertising.

Yes, you ONLY pay for results!

Join Our Network,

Get Your Share!

We have already done the leg work and spent millions of dollars in technology and advertising. Unlike thousands of furniture stores across America, we are growing in massive leaps and bounds and are climbing the ranks.

Just jump on board and start receiving our customers on a silver platter today!

What Are You Waiting For? Become Hybrid Now!


On Steroids

We go where no other company goes to bring furniture customers directly to you. We are a direct partner to one of America’s top Furniture E-tail networks. Millions of Americans reach out to us each year for assistance with their furniture needs and requirements. In most if not all cases, these consumers are trusting and loyal to our network system and wanting to buy home furnishings from our partners and affiliates. Each customer has a dedicated shopping specialist who will essentially communicate and recommend our quality partners practically pushing them through your front door.. Looking for more customers in and out of your region? We forward real live customers right to your door! Our 3 Hybrid solutions are the difference between night and day in the ever changing furniture industry!

Furniture Syndication

Our strategic partnerships also provide us with exclusive referral and advertising opportunities across the country, allowing us to reach more American furniture customers each and every day. More importantly, we allow you to join what will quickly become the largest marketing movement in the furniture industry in recent history. From national television, to integrated placements in Google and Facebook, to America’s largest social media campaign, we have developed an advertising strategy that is extensive and effective. We are virtually unescapable and will help you grow your business on and off-line! Join our team of recommended Omni Stores from coast to coast! Go Omni and Go Hybrid!

We advertise and promote you and your products and only charge you for the customer! In most cases our loyal Omni and Furniture 77 customers are ready to shop and buy from our exclusive partners! We help deliver these customers into your store on and offline.

Sign up for and get approved to be an Omni Store in your region today.

2.4 billion

Impressions on Facebook per year


Americans reached out to us last year for assistance with furniture purchases.

30 million

Americans viewed our advertising last year.

Why Choose Us?


Real Time Customers & Referrals for Omni Depot Stores

Referrals are delivered in real time, which means that our customers are ready to buy from you now. Customers are delivered securely to you within minutes of the customer booking an appointment - giving you the best chance at closing the sale. To make matters better we screen and verify these customers to make sure that they are purchase worthy. If you are an Omni Depot Store, we will actually endorse, encourage and recommend your store to the customer. This method and strategy should quadruple your closing rate from your competition.

Why do we do this? In thousands of cases each and every day our online customer can’t find what they want on our ecommerce website or perhaps they don’t feel comfortable making the purchase prior to seeing the item in a store. Rather than lose the sale, we prefer to share the sale with our syndicated Omni friends! We all know that Making something is better than making nothing! And from a customer perspective everyone is a winner!

On the reverse side of things, why should you lose a deal simply because you don’t have the inventory or carry a specific line. You can now collect fees from having your customer order from your specially coded Omni Furniture website. Watching a customer walk out of your store with empty hands produces no winners! Imagine having access to hundreds of thousands of items and brands without having to worry about shipping, buying inventory or doing virtually anything for that matter. We handle the transaction and simply send you your cut of the profit.

Bulls Eye

Customer Targeting

Customers are filtered by location and region to ensure that the customer resides within your business regions. Whether it is by State, City, or Zip Code, our precise algorithm targeting will provide you with the most relevant customers as possible. We also communicate with the customer directly from our own offices across North America. No offshore or foreign call centres! No bogus customers for you! We are proudly American operated and understand Americans and their needs for household furnishings.

We take you online and offline and make you a contender in your region! Your completion will simply have absolutely no idea how or where you are getting thousands of customers! Stop wasting money on old school advertising and marketing efforts that worked in the 90’s! Today is they day that you GO Hybrid!

Success Together

Growing the Network

We want you to be successful and want to be part of increasing your sales. Despite our massive ecommerce presence we equally fear for the Bricks and Mortar store of today slowly becoming obsolete. Our goal is to help on the ground stores stay open and re-gain their lost market share by going Hybrid! Our Hyper strategic marketing will allow you to gain back lost business that normally gets taken away by the online marketplaces.

Orders that Add up!

Simply sell more & profit more!

Unlike other online marketplaces we ONLY focus on the Furniture industry! Our customers are here to buy Sofas, Chairs, Dining Room sets, Bars, Beds, Mattresses, Patio Furniture and other home furnishings. Our traffic is only interested in furniture and not wasting time trying to buy a car, electric razor or trailer hitch. We limit who can play in our Furniture 77 marketplace so you don’t have to compete with millions of other people selling the same exact items.

Never having to aoplogize to a customer!
“Sorry we don’t carry that brand”

Losing a customer simply because you don’t carry that brand is no longer a problem. We are able to get almost any brand delivered directly to your customer at the click of the mouse. Stop watching customer and profit walk out the door of your store! We cut up our profit and share it with you!

Why Us?


We are NOT a “Lead” company. In fact, we are nothing like a “Lead” company! Lead companies essentially take your money and spend it on advertising in the same places that you most likely buy advertising. We are directly partnered with the country's largest shopping network and handle all of their clients who are attempting to make purchases on items like living room furniture, bedroom furniture, mattresses, dining room furniture, and almost anything else for the home and patio. Our ONLY job is to bring these customers to you as a referral.

Our customers are NOT just a “Joe Smith” who filled out a form on the internet. In many cases, our customers are our actual clients and are being recommended, referred and pushed through your door by our credit fulfillment specialist. In most cases they are either expecting your call, directly transferred to your top dogs, or appointments can be set right to your desk. Stop wasting thousands of dollars advertising and hoping that a customer walks in!

Advertising these days is Garbage

We all know how expensive advertising is and we have all sat around wondering if we should blow that money when business is slow. Spend the money and hopefully get some business? Don’t spend the money and hope there will be strong walk in traffic? Stop the guessing game! You ONLY pay for customers with us! No more blowing money and running ads with low results.


Focus your attention on selling and converting hot local furniture customers into sales and profit instead of spending your valuable time and money advertising to find customers yourself.


We may not be cheap, but we are easy and you only pay for what you get! Do you want ROI? We deliver! Do you want more sales? We deliver! Our performance speaks for itself!


Dedicated Account Managers and Customer Service Representatives available 7 days a week ensure that you are always taken care of and your transactions are always complete. We understand your business and we understand the customer. We bring B2C to your door!

What We

Deliver to You!

  • Exclusive Real Time Referrals and customers to your store
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Pinpoint Targeting
  • Quality Control
  • Complete and Consistent Applications
  • Industry Leading Service 7 Days a Week

What Are You Waiting For? Become Hybrid Now!



Tell me if this sounds like you! You run a furniture store and your strong point is selling furniture to customers that walk into our store. Over the years you have learned effective ways to advertise, however over the last few years your costs have gone up, and you are losing more and more customers to the “Online” shopping stores such as Wayfair, Hayneedle and Overstock. You don’t have millions of dollars to compete with the big box stores like Costco and certainly can not drop the prices like many online guys who do not have the expense of a bricks and mortar or employees. In the mean time the e-commerce furniture guys are gobbling up more and more of the market each year. You do have a website but at the same time are not online experts……. You sell furniture and that is what you do best!

If the above sounds like you then we truly understand you! So here is where it gets interesting! We do and can compete with both the Big Box stores and are also a massive machine in the Cyber world of online shopping. We are taking the online, offline and dropping them into your lap! Through our exclusive online technology we are able to determine shopping trends and consumer habits. We are able to then trace customer algorithms and demographics while filtering our customer base into geographical regions. We are then able to use this data to often intercept the online furniture purchaser and redirect their purchasing needs to our partners. We like to call these campaigns online targeting! Once we know and understand our customers shopping requirements on a personal basis we then capture their loyalty and direct them to our partners. Sound complicated? Not if you have countless online websites, have a massive online shopping network and millions of dollars to spend on advertising.

Still don’t get it? Customers come to us to buy products...We refer them to you...You make the profits and gain our customers! Simple as that!



  • Newspaper?
    People don’t read the newspaper anymore!
  • Radio?
    Very expensive and there is no real way to define your results!
  • Television?
    Right! Who can afford that?
  • Google?
    Most stores have tried Google and sometimes spend thousands of dollars for clicks and yet you can not deposit clicks at the Bank.
  • FurnitureCustomer™.com?
    We send you only pay for customers. Period!
Let us spend our money on advertising and technology! Let us drop millions into infrastructure and new platforms! Let us serve our customer to you on a silver platter!


Delivering You


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