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Become an authorized Omni Furniture Depot and get connected to what is quickly becoming America’s largest network of Affiliated Furniture Stores.
Here is how it works! Your store becomes a depot for our millions of customers from coast to coast. Often our customers will be booked into your store to either buy or pick up an order. Our shared customer can now be either sold or upsold furnishings that you offer.

Example 1: We send a customer that ordered a table and you sell them chairs to go with it. We send a coffee table and you sell them a sofa! The bottom line is we introduce customers to your store and push them through your front door.

Example 2: An OMNI online customer wants to physically look at an item prior to making a purchase. We push them through your front door as a motivated customer. You are then free to sell them from your inventory or product lines.

Becoming an Omni Furniture Affiliate is a two way street! So here is another way to increase your revenue. Don’t carry the product that your customer wants or saw online? Take advantage of our hundreds of thousands of products and SKU’s. Imagine getting paid on customer purchases and orders and have not had to lift a finger! Become an affiliate today and order have us set up your linked and coded websites in minutes. Imagine the day has come when you never lose a sale because you don’t carry that line! Imagine the day where you don’t have to pre-buy new inventory just to make a sale.

Become Hybrid

Why Become an Affiliate of OMNI?

WE ARE ONE OF AMERICA'S LARGESTS ONLINE FURNITURE RETAILERS: We partner with many brick and mortar companies across the country.
THERE IS ZERO COST TO YOU: Display your products, banners, and links on our site for free.
HIGH CONVERSION RATES: We offer our customers exclusive coupon codes, and most popular deals.

How Does it Work?

Become Hybrid


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